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Invest in real estates abroad:

Real estate is known to be the most common and save way of capital investment. Especially in a globalized world, investors are no longer limited to realty in their country of residency, but have the opportunity to diverse their portfolio by buying houses abroad or overseas. There are endless additional advantages to owning property in a foreign country.

Real estates are a great hedge to inflation, meaning even in times of great economic change, land or immobile properties remain a constant due to their finite nature and value. This applies to realties all over the world. Therefore, it is a great way to protect your capital, as it is real, useful and productive, as people are always in need of a home.

A relatively small investment in terms of money, can give you high returns and control over a large asset. Your options range from buying and selling, to renting or further developing your property, but always adapted to your requirements and agenda. Your realty can serve multiple purposes, such as agriculture, forestry or development and can double as a personal retreat, part-time residence or vacation home. Generating cash flow in another currency through a hard asset, is fairly save, since the value of the real estate will be matched by the real value of any paper currency even in the case of inflation.

Safe guarding your net worth by investing internationally in real estate is an exciting but safe venture, which is gaining more attention and popularity by the day.

Invest in Saxony, Germany:

Germany was one of the few countries that was able to avoid a slump in its real estate market during the global financial crisis of 2008/09 and historically has been exceptionally stable. However, the German housing market in general has experienced an acceleration in the past year. It is due to its strong economic growth, high refugee and work-related immigration, weak construction supply and low interest rates. This had an increase in price as a result and poses to be an attractive opportunity for investors.

Saxony in particular is known to be the industrial location of many global companies from various business areas, but especially the automobile industry. The excellent infrastructure and the fact that it is geographically bordering to Poland and Czech Republic and functions as a gateway to Eastern Europe, explains its thriving economic growth over the last years. This will surely continue, as many more companies have already confirmed plans to branch out in the German free state. Economic growth combined with high quality of life, thanks to the well-tended nature and rich cultural offer, will attract tourists and immigrants alike in the near future and raise the demand for homes and other premises. All the more reason to consider investing in the many lucrative realty options available in Saxony.

The free state is divided in three metropolitan areas with one bigger city in each of them. All of these cities have distinctive features on their own. Dresden, the capital of Saxony, is well known for its mix of old and new. The city’s rich architectural legacy from the baroque period form an impressive skyline on the right bank of the river Elbe, while the vivid alternative scene is pulsating in the new part of town on the left bank. Leipzig, as the biggest city in Saxony, has the reputation as one of the oldest in the world to host trade fairs. It is the fastest growing city of the country and a center for the economy, trade, administration and broadcasting for central Germany. Close to the Ore Mountains lays Chemnitz, the third biggest city of Saxony, that is well known for its long history of mechanical engineering. Until today, Chemnitz remains a hub for Germany’s motor car industry.

Invest with us:

We are a local brokerage firm, with enticing objects in Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz, can help you in finding a great investment with strong returns. Every real estate is different and requires thorough analysis and great care, which we are happy to provide. As brokerage agents, we have extensive knowledge about the region and offer reliable services as followed:

• Finding an appropriate real estate for your budget and needs
• Balanced and detailed information about your objects of interest
• Detailed market report on the current realty situation in the are of your choice
• Negotiation of contracts to your benefit
• Undertake all the administrative work for your purchase and ownership of
• Complete transparency in all our activities related to your investment
• Constant communication and exchange to keep you updated about your realty abroad
• Managing and maintaining your property to a high standard
• Legal advice in the German jurisdiction
• Update you on latest legislation, economic and other changes that might affect your investment

By partnering up with us, you are sure to have a competent, reliable and trustworthy representative in Saxony, who will look out for your interests. Feel free to contact us for a first and free consultation now.

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